Everyday Favourites

A few of Natasha Dearden's everyday favourites.
A few of Natasha Dearden’s everyday favourites.

It really is a first world problem, but there are certain things a girl just can’t live without on a daily basis.

When I was in high school one of my best friends always said that if she was allowed one item to take onto a deserted island – she would without a doubt take my school bag. That Navy blue shoulder bag had pretty much EVERYTHING bar a pair of heels in it. And while I like to think I’m no longer lugging around half my worldly possessions, there is still a pretty extensive list of things I don’t seem to be able to leave the house without.

  • My Bling: Since graduating Catholic Girls high school and entering into the world of clothing (and hair colour) freedom, I have become unnaturally attached to some of my jewelry. Everyday I wear my fine silver love heart ring (by brand Jordy) and Karen Walker ‘RUNAWAY’ silver ring – which were both gifts from my boyfriend a few years ago. For the past year I have also been religiously wearing my Karen Walker bear ring and bow necklace – both in silver. As I’m not even remotely a morning person, there is something so luxurious about jewelry you can sleep in, wake up in and have match EVERY outfit you could pick out before coffee time.
  • Beauty: I honestly can’t remember a day that I haven’t worn lip balm since I was 12. My two balms of choice, tried and tested over the past decade are the classic Carmex yellow pot and The Body Shop hemp lip balm (perfect for sitting in your wallet).
  • iPhone: I feel that no explanation is needed here. My iphone may be seriously cracked, sticky taped together and have the most inefficient battery, but I like to pretend that’s a sign of how much love it’s received over the years.
  • A Novel: I spend a LOT of time on public transport since we moved to Melbourne. And I can never go past a good action/crime book or interesting biography to help pass the train and tram filled time away. My favourite authors are David Baldacci, Matthew Riley, Dan Brown and the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.
  • My Diary/Planner: If I was to loose this pink leather bundle of kikki.K goodness I feel like my life could possibly stop! It has everything I could ever need to figure out where I’m meant to be and what I’m doing every day. And cute post it notes and stickers of course….
  • Water: I almost never leave the house without water. I love it room temperature, cold, in a bottle, in a glass. Pretty much can’t live more than two hours without the stuff.

You can now see why I barely ever manage to leave the house with just a clutch! When room permits I also like to shove into my bag:

  • Baggu Leather Pouch with lipstick, a mirror and some face powder for emergency glam.
  • Hemp hand cream because Melbourne weather is just plain old mean to hands.
  • Snack Pack (to avoid my well documented hangry episodes)
  • Magical leather purse of migraine medications (this is one thing I wouldn’t mind never having to take out again!)
  • Drawing book and pen
  • Mints
  • Umbrella, as Melbourne never ever wants to let you know in advance its weather patterns.

What do you guys love to have in your bag?

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