Outfit of the Day – 18.09.14

As many a graduate of fashion and marketing, I have several jobs. I love them all, most of the time. With one exception. I HATE wearing black.

Yes I went through the classic 18 year old fashion student stage where I would ONLY purchase black clothes. But now they just make me sad, and it’s the only thing I don’t like about my job número uno at kikki.K.
Currently I have two days a week where I can wear as much colour as I can fit on my body – which was the general theme of today’s look.

I’m going to call it “accidental-bohemian-preppy” – picked out in a state of pre coffee completion excitement.


The Hopi Skirt by Obus Clothing is a new piece from the Spring ’14 collection (where I also work) and is made from a beautiful cotton.
Top is a blue Label polo from Ralph Lauren, topped with a wool cashmere cable knit cardigan (also Ralph Lauren).
Yellow backpack by Baggu is my trusty daily staple, purchased from Obus in Melbourne.
Jewelry is my regular Karen Walker bow necklace, rings, Marc by Marc Jacobs pirate watch, and Jordy heart ring – with all the links in my Everyday Faviurites post.

What’s your favourites colourful work outfit?


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