PLAYING: Photography Set Up

As you guys know from my previous post, I bought a little Nikon D3200 on boxing day (AKA my baby).

Its been fun getting to learn how to use it over the past month. Two weeks ago at work we were trained by an amazing woman Raylene (follow her instagram here!) on the Nikon D5200. Learning how to actually use the Nikon, and how to set up lighting was a GODSEND. And its gotten me all excited to work on these skills in my home work/office setting.

So behold – trial #01, home product studio.


There is OODLES of work to go, but I’m happy with the quick snaps I got in today. (image 1 has had the levels balanced in photoshop and image 2 is raw).


Image 1.

Fashion_Collage_Product_Setup WEB


Image 2.

Natasha Dearden - product Trail #01 un-edited

The biggest issue that I feel I’m going to face is working without professional lighting, so I’ll be researching more into affordable options on that end!


Leave any suggestions or comments below, I would love to hear how you guys work with your own set ups.

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