New Sketchbook

Every now and then, there is something just so satisfying and inspiring about starting a perfect new sketchbook. I find that the hunt for the “perfect” sketchbook is akin to the hunt for the magical “perfect” jeans – in that it never quite ends. So this sketchbook may not quite “the one”, but it’s pretty awesome for right now. 

I’ve got a bit of a love affair with moleskin sketchbooks – ever since my high school art teacher gave me my first one at graduation. Since then I’ve tried roughly a million different styles (or so it seems!). 

For this new one, I’ve gone for a hard cover – to help the poor thing survive in my bag! It’s a medium size, but still small enough to transport day to day. The paper is a little bit thicker, and has a new “more absorbent” paper finish – making it perfect for pen and ink art doodles! 

Follow along on my Instagram to see what doodles are created. 



These are some newbies below. (And PS the pen didn’t show through the page!!!)

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