Holiday sketches 25.10.15 + 26.10.15 

Daylight savings is here. The days are longer. People are excited to be out in the sunshine. And I’m safely tucked inside in the Aircon. Did someone say pale pale person life? 

But on the occasion that I get to visit the beaches back home and brave the “outdoors” – there’s something soo nice about being able to curl up and draw on the balcony with sun pouring in. 

So please enjoy the very sketchy doodles from my weekend getaway spent at my besties beach house.  

* These sketches have been done with two fine Copic ink markers in my current moleskin journal. 

“And everytime you’re here I feel like home”

 “So if you’re lonely you know I’m here waiting for you”
“I just admit I momentarily fell into your maze”


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