“My atoms love your atoms. It’s chemistry”

Sometimes all you need to enjoy life is a taste of the small things. In my case that translates to: “walk into the art shop in Northcote on pay week, and only come out with two new pens and some pearlescent ink, then spend all day doodling”.

My gorgeous and incredibly talented cousin Melissa is the woman behind @lisletters, and she let me play with a few amazing pens last time I was up visiting in Brisbane. With some exceptional luck (sorry bank account) my favourite local art shop had my fav pens from that arty show and tell in ALL OF THE COLOURS.

I restrained myself to my old faithful hot pink as a solitary colour choice while I figure out what style I of pen I like most for lettering.

These are a few of the (many) practice doodles that been having fun playing with. It’s been a good excuse to also practice some font styles to use with a little portrait project I’m working on this year.

(Quotes are a little bit from everywhere!).
Let me know what pens you use for letting in the comments below!



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