Wanderlust and savings time

Similar to that jolly old notion that “those who can’t do coach” – I feel like we should add into the cultural vocab:

“Those who have not yet saved enough money to travel abroad again soon shall sketch”

Maybe it will catch on one day? Maybe not…

In the meantime – I’ve been hit by that ‘year and a half without having been overseas’ travel bug that I know all too well. So to ease the pain while I start to save away my money, I started going through some old travel images to draw from. In the process I found a few old favourites from my last trip to Europe.

These little pastel digital artworks were done for fabric prints in uni – from photos I took when backpacking. The triple building illustration (from a photo taken on this amazing evening in Berlin on Museum Island) was one of the first digital illustrations that I ever did. It was printed onto this luscious cotton silk and one day grew into a top.

The repeat pattern was an illustration from a whole heap of photos taken between London – Paris – Amsterdam and Berlin. Unlike its friend, he one day turned into a cute pair of bikinis.

Where are you guys planning to travel to next? And please tell me I’m not the only sad person drawing from their old fav travel snaps… 😉



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