Did someone say Autumn leaves?

Last month was a big birthday for my gorgeous Mum. So as part of her pressie I made this little artwork. It came out at A5 (but slightly cropped in the frame).
It’s layers and layers of intertwining leaves – which is something I’ve been enjoying developing lately (more sketchbook doodles on Instagram). To give it a little bit of oompf (technical term!) I used my current favourite paint combo of watercolour and pearlescent ink mixed together. With just a touch of thick white pen for depth.

Let me know your favourite gift ideas in the comments 🙂


2 thoughts on “Did someone say Autumn leaves?

  1. This is so detailed and intricate! I’m a big fan of the lavender hue~

    Personally, I think artwork makes a lovely gift. It’s nice to know that someone put thought and time and energy into creating something beautiful for you. Food is always a good gift idea as well 😉

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