“We were together, I forget the rest”

My double page spread is finally done! This one has been a long time coming, but incredibly rewarding to do.

Its black pen (mostly 0.05 width – in about 3 different brands, depending on what I hadn’t yet killed!) in my Moleskine, with a pacer used for the very light initial text outlines.

The quote is by Walt Whitman. And it’s one I stumbled across about a year ago but through the time of drawing this piece it’s undertaken a special meaning. This unique memory “rentetion” we’ll call it – is part of what I personally love about creating. For me, when I go back to old sketchbooks, embroidered goodies or illustration –  it’s like hearing a song that played through a certain period of life that floods me with memories.

There were a few elements I really enjoyed looking back on this work:

  • balancing the different styles I enjoy doing (i.e. more graphic text vs wispy leaves)
  • learning how to be patient (not consistently this only child’s strongest point!!)
  • getting a better handle on intertwining my leave trails and other elements, for a slightly more complex finish
  • and having an image I was really proud of at the end!

I’d love to see some links of your favourite intricate illustration in the comments below 🙂

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